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TfGM green yellow school bus

All our Yellow School Buses will be green by 2017

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) launched its ‘Clean Air for Schools’ programme in 2013, targeting the tailpipe emissions of its diesel Yellow School Buses.

Of the 93-strong fleet, 52 Yellow School Buses are already low-emission vehicles.
Funded through the Department for Transport’s (DFT’s) Clean Bus Technology Fund, the programme involved retro-fitting innovative air pollution control equipment to the remaining 41 diesel vehicles.

Emission tests were carried out before the pollution control systems were fitted and again after they had been on the road one year.

The results showed a 99% reduction in nitrogen oxide level – far higher than the 50% minimum target set by the DfT – with a 93% reduction in particulates, 99% in hydrocarbons and more than 97% in carbon monoxide.

The final seven diesel buses will be retrofitted with the same equipment by the end of the year – marking the completion of the project.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Tony Lloyd, said:

"Tackling transport emissions is a pressing issues for Greater Manchester.

"I'm delighted that improvements to TfGM's fleet of diesel Yellow School Buses have resulted in a 99% reduction in particle emissions.  This is hugely beneficial in the areas they operate and for the people they serve: our children.

"This programme builds upon the great work already underway in Greater Manchester as we move closer to clean air targets as a part of the city's Climate Change Strategy."

Howard Hartley, Head of Bus at TfGM, said:

“School buses are integral to promoting public transport among young people and reducing car use.

“Since their introduction in 2003, Yellow School Buses have taken millions of car journeys off the road, minimising children’s exposure to harmful air pollutants. Over 4,500 pupils are currently signed up to use the services.

“We will continue to look to Clean Bus Technology Funding to find further eco-friendly transport solutions.”

The programme won the Local Authority and Public Sector Air Quality Initiative of the Year title at the National Air Quality Awards earlier this month.

For questions about Yellow School Buses and the application process for the 2017/2018 academic year, please contact 0161 244 1000, or visit TfGM

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