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Salford City Mayor & LCH Chair Paul Dennett

Climate World Firsts on the Cobbles of Corrie

The Awards recognise participants in a globally unique Carbon Literacy Project formed to assist organisations, communities and employers who wish to support their neighbours and colleagues to act on climate change.

Recipients came from a wide range of sectors including housing, media, engineering, culture, social enterprise and local government.  They include Manchester Museum, engineering firm Jacobs, Peel Media, Northwards Housing, BBC Children’s and the Coronation Street production team.

Organised by the Manchester based ‘Carbon Literacy Trust’, the scheme facilitates a day long course to help create a ‘low carbon culture’ in workplaces and communities.

ITV Managing Director Continuing Drama, John Whiston, said:

‘Carbon Literacy is an increasingly important requirement for all industry, not least for television production.  I’m proud of the work the ‘Corrie’ team has done, and continues to do, towards reaching their sustainability goals.  It was great to be able to both host the awards as well as to receive one on our ‘home turf’ - turf which we continue to make sure has a low a carbon footprint as possible.’

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett, who chairs the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub (Part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority) said:

’As the City Mayor of another Coronation Street in Salford, and as someone who strongly believes that we all have to do our bit to tackle climate change, it's great to have this event in Nick's Bistro.  We need everyone on board for this work and what better way to express that than to know that the Corrie Team are Carbon Literate.  I'm looking forward to helping bring the benefits of Carbon Literacy to all the ‘other’ parts of Salford.’

Ali Abbas chairs the Manchester-based Carbon Literacy Trust. He said:

‘To have such a wide range of organisations pulling out the stops like our fourteen winners did is an extraordinary statement of intent.  Carbon Literacy is now spreading fast, and more and more employers are taking it up – propelled by their customers, their bottom line and the obvious duty to do the right thing for people, now and for the next generation.  I’m already looking forward to the next awards in 2017 and Carbon Literacy being as everyday and popular as Coronation Street itself!’


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