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ESOS regulations: New assistance for affected businesses

ESOS is new legislation affecting medium to large businesses across the UK. It requires them to monitor, record and submit detailed data on energy consumption and costs and to operate a programme of energy audits across their main activities in order to reduce this consumption.

Energy costs were identified as a major business pressure and barrier to growth in Greater Manchester's 2012 business survey, which means that effective energy management is key to significantly boosting business productivity while cutting carbon emissions in the process.
In December, the University of Manchester hosted a national government workshop designed to support businesses in getting to grips with the new requirements.

With over 120 attendees ranging from large corporations such as ASDA, to small specialist consultancies, the event not only helped businesses to understand the significance of ESOS, but also helped them to make new contacts and identify new opportunities.
This week DECC has published a report on the event, available at:
The report also includes useful information on the role that Greater Manchester's universities can play in supporting businesses, as well as the importance of the Green Growth Programme, delivered by ENWORKS in support of small to medium sized businesses in Greater Manchester seeking to reduce their carbon emissions.
'Approaches to ESOS Audits' has since been compiled by DECC using expert knowledge gained at this event to develop a national guide for businesses.  
This report bridges an important gap identified at the event and will support businesses to achieve cost-effective compliance.

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