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Great Energy Escape Computer

The Great Energy Escape

Filled with twists and surprises, the game features several large pieces of interactive screens and equipment, furniture and puzzles encompassing the entire play space, and a fully fleshed-out narrative system where characters speak to players via video link-up and in hidden messages from the past.

Originally commissioned by Carbon Co-op for the Manchester Science Festival 2017, the premise is that the energy system in the city has gone down, and players are tasked with turning the power back on, using an old decommissioned 1970’s control room.

Families race against the clock to save the day, rebooting Greater Manchester’s energy network and transforming it in to a re-balanced, clean system in an immersive experience which is fun, involving and educational.

Set within a fictional Greater Manchester Energy System Control Centre, the game features actors, video game interaction, tests of logic, problem solving, ingenuity and a large scale, interactive game to refigure Manchester's energy to make it cleaner, more stable and more affordable.

Laura Williams, from Carbon Coop said:

“Players take on the role of today’s energy experts in a race against time to avoid black outs, stop runaway climate change and keep the whole system in balance. If younger people are going to meet these challenges head on, we hope being given the opportunity to learn about these issues through a fun and immersive game will be the perfect way to introduce the topic and enthuse any future energy scientists and engineers.”

At the heart of the Great Energy Escape, participants must work together to re-order the city's notional energy system, using game counters to represent different forms of energy such as wind and coal, and different technologies such as smart grids and smart grids.

Working in turn through the 'energy trilemma' they must first ensure the city region generates sufficient power, secondly that costs are kept affordable and thirdly that carbon emission targets are met. Players find that the task is made easier with special pieces such as smart grids, battery storage and energy efficiency.   The tone is light-hearted and fun, and the whole thing is over in about 30 minutes including changeover.

Full creative credit for the design and delivery goes to the Energy Democracy Greater Manchester, Carbon Co-op, Dan Hett, M3 Industries and Fieldwork.

This is a great way to engage young people and ask them think about how our energy is generated and used.  Why not bring the Great Energy Escape to your school, museum, gallery, festival or event by emailing to discuss booking options.

Recommended for groups of 6-8 aged 8+. Maximum participants per day: 64.




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