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Clifford Lamb Court

Heat. From The Ground Up.

A scheme in Charlestown, North Manchester which features an innovative new heating system has come in for praise from Government experts on a fact finding visit to low carbon projects in the city region.

Clifford Lamb Court, a multi-storey tower block in Charlestown, will be saving tenants money and helping save the planet as its new ground source heat pump system comes online. It’s the first time the technology has been used in a multi-storey block of this kind.

Ground source heating works by pumping water underground to absorb the warmth. The pump increases the temperature further, and this is used to provide hot water and heat to the properties.
It uses bore holes around 150m deep – around three times the height of the tower block – to draw up heat from the earth’s core.

The pump needs electricity to run, but it produces much more energy than it uses, which is why it’s so energy efficient. The work at Clifford Lamb is almost complete, with tenants already reporting a reduction in their bills. Twelve out of 51 flats have the technology installed, with the rest to be completed by the end of January and the wider scheme is expected to save around 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

The scheme was praised by experts from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), who came as part of a fact-finding visit. According to Sarah Redwood, deputy director for the domestic renewable heat initiative at DECC who led the visit to the project:

“It’s a real inspiration to come and view Clifford Lamb Court,” she said. “It’s a project which shows how the Renewable Heat Incentive helps keep homes warm and bills down.”

The £518,000 investment is already bearing fruit, with tenants spending less money on their heating bills. Mary Forbes, who is 79 and has lived in the block for nine years is very pleased to see her new heating system installed.

“I don’t have to spend so much money topping up,” Mary said. “So it means I don’t have to go to the post office so often.”

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