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LightXcel, Manchester

LED firm lights the way to increased profits for new client with ENWORKS

The LED manufacturing, design and installation company, based in Ardwick, Manchester, specialises in energy efficient lighting for commercial and industrial indoor and outdoor premises.

Its high-efficiency LED lighting is designed to maximise light output whilst maintaining longevity and low maintenance, reducing energy usage and cutting carbon emissions.

Business opportunity

After engaging with the Green Growth service earlier this year, LightXcel have benefitted from a number of services specifically targeted at companies working in the low carbon and environmental goods and services (LCEGS) sector.
In particular, the company is benefitting from a new business opportunity after being linked up with a local Manchester sports stadium to install energy efficient lighting solutions.
The opportunity was identified by a resource efficiency  advisor at Green Growth, who then passed the lead on to Green Growth’s low carbon sector  advisors.

Connecting opportunities

Adam Swainbank, low carbon sector advisor, said:

“One of the benefits of the Green Growth service is the ability to link energy saving opportunities in commercial premises identified from our resource efficiency advisors with Greater Manchester based energy solution providers. I have been working with LightXcel since it first established a presence in Manchester and I knew its products and services would be ideal for this particular client.”

Since working with Green Growth, LightXcel has also made the most of opportunities to access further support through the Business Growth Hub, linking up with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) to help expand their manufacturing capability and the Growth Start-Up to develop new contacts and business leads.


David Soon, director of LightXcel, said:

“The support the Green Growth service has provided so far, in particular its environmental workshops, lead referrals, links to additional business support organisations within the Business Growth Hub and its knowledge of low carbon opportunities across Greater Manchester, has been invaluable for my business.”

The Green Growth service is set to continue forging its strong relationship with LightXcel as new lighting opportunities are identified through public, private and academic routes in Greater Manchester and beyond.

Green Growth low carbon sector support is delivered by ENWORKS as part of the Business Growth Hub. To learn more, or to find out about other companies that have received support, visit the website.

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