Greater Manchester Green City Region. Creating a greener, greater city region differently

New website for Greater Manchester residents to better connect with nature

The Government’s recently published 25 Year Environment Plan identifies a key action around connecting people with the environment to improve health and wellbeing.

The multiple benefits from spending time in the natural environment – as a resident or a visitor – are well known and evidenced:
• It improves our mental health and feelings of wellbeing.
• It can reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.
• It can help boost immune systems, encourage physical activity and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as asthma.
• It can combat loneliness and bind communities together.

Greater Manchester’s Natural Environment

Greater Manchester has a wealth of green space, waterways and rich biodiversity to connect with and enjoy. 

Understanding how we use, protect and enhance these natural assets is a key priority for the Natural Capital Group (NCG), the Local Nature Partnership for Greater Manchester, and its partners.

The Group acts as an ambassador for GM’s natural environment, supporting delivery through existing partnerships and structures and showcasing headline initiatives.

Greater Manchester has also been identified as one of four pioneer areas in the country to test the objectives of the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

Key objectives for the Urban Pioneer include: improving decision making, helping people to understand the true value of the environment and making it easy to become responsible stewards for it.

Nature Greater Manchester Website

The website looks to overcome barriers to effective delivery by bringing together key natural environment stakeholders and their initiatives being delivered across Greater Manchester.

The website will also aim to connect with a wider regional audience to understand what’s taking place in their areas, the reasons why they are taking place and the wider benefits.
The websites’ stand out objective is to connect people with nature.  

With this in mind, activity is drawn into three key areas:

• Getting People of GM Involved
Providing information and access to nature improvement activities and opportunities (do your bit) so that people can become part of the work being carried out, as well as helping people to see, experience, and enjoy.

• Allowing Users to Discover GM
Inspiration for visitors on planned activities in the natural environment encouraging people to get out into the open and experience what Greater Manchester has to offer.  Not only does this help them to discover new inspiration and leisure activities but also become more active as a bi-product of these events and activities. People can filter by their desired activity too allowing things like ‘walking’, ‘jogging’, or ‘family activities’ to be filtered, helping show more positive results.

• Showcasing Work
Showing the great work that has been carried out and the size and scale of the projects is a great way to not only engage but also attracts new users, both in the public, and commercial domains. Not only does this include what we’re doing to protect and enhance GM’s natural environment but also brings together GM’s natural capital partners’ projects to service users (citizens) in one user-friendly platform

Spread the Word!

For the website to be a success we need your help to promote the resources available with your networks in particular:
• Local (GM) residents wanting to improve their health
• Local (GM) residents wanting to volunteer to improve their local space
• Visitors (general) who want to discover GM’s natural greenspace for walking, cycling, nature focused activities (bird watching) and events that promote GM’s natural environment.

The website is a great opportunity to increase our understanding of Greater Manchester’s natural environment, discover new places to explore and say “I never knew there was such lovely countryside on my doorstep!”

Click here to visit the website and connect with Nature Greater Manchester: 

Visit the main Platform site