Greater Manchester Green City Region. Creating a greener, greater city region differently

Red Grouse in the frost image

The Perfect Ten – Bird species selected to represent each of Greater Manchester’s ten boroughs

 James Walsh, the originator of the project and the author of the “Greater Manchester Birding City Region” book says, “Each borough has its’ own unique birdlife, I have used my intimate, extensive experience and knowledge of the ecology of Greater Manchester to select a bird that best represents the environment and character of each borough. Each bird can be utilised for City Region / borough marketing purposes and in the Greater Manchester Tourism Strategy 2020-2030.”    

“Ecotourism is a new industry that is potentially worth millions of pounds, including new job and skills creation, to the Greater Manchester City Region.”

“The boroughs and birds are Bolton – Kingfisher, Bury – Little Egret, Manchester – Rose-ringed Parakeet, Oldham – Owl, Rochdale – Peregrine, Salford – Mute Swan, Stockport – Mandarin Duck, Tameside – Red Grouse, Trafford – Northern Lapwing and Wigan – Willow Tit.”

“The Greater Manchester Birding City Region project started as a pledge to the Mayors’ Green Summit in March 2018 at Manchester Central and has progressed now into two online books and very positive local media coverage. This project aims to benefit Greater Manchester citizens and be included in any “Green New Deal” for the City Region.”

“The Kingfisher is the jewel of the Bolton boroughs’ rivers, the Little Egret is the Bury boroughs’ “Little Gem”, Oldham is the Owl borough, the Peregrine is Rochdales’ “Millennium Falcon”, the Red Grouse is Tamesides’ “Famous Grouse”, the Mandarin represents the Far East of Greater Manchester, the Stockport borough, the Mute Swan represents Salfords’ waterways, the Manchester Ship Canal, the River Irwell and the Bridgewater Canal, the Northern Lapwing symbolises Traffords’ rural and urban habitats, Rose-ringed Parakeets are the “pretty boys” of Manchester, and the Willow Tit is the superstar bird of the Wigan borough, and Greater Manchester!”

James says “I hope that this project makes a big, personal contribution towards Greater Manchesters’ ambition of becoming a world-leading Green City Region.”

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