Greater Manchester Green City Region. Creating a greener, greater city region differently

Scout Moor Wind Farm, Rochdale

A sustainability snapshot of Greater Manchester

We live, work and play in a region that has bountiful green spaces and waterways, it also boasts a hot-bed of academia, excelling in sustainability research and knowledge and bold enterprises who can trail blaze new projects, products and processes.  

Through our work in Greater Manchester’s Low Carbon Hub, our ten local authorities and a whole host of delivery partners from the third, private and community sectors, Greater Manchester  has delivered exemplar projects which have aimed to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings and businesses, decarbonised heat through smart innovations, generate local renewable energy and enhance natural environments with ecosystems thinking and increased low carbon transport options for our residents.

You may not be aware of the community hydro-energy weir in the River Goyt near Marple, nor of the many benefits to nature the newly restored Greater Manchester Wetlands deliver in Salford; we have the second largest on-shore wind farm in the UK on Scout Moor in Rochdale – we have some amazing environmental projects probably on your doorstep – you may even be involved in a project that we can feature on our next map?

The work doesn’t stop here, we have to deliver a 48% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 (from a 1990 baseline), so let’s be inspired, spread the word, become engaged or work with what we have created to make this target achievable. 

Please get in touch and let us know how your project, regardless of size, is having a positive impact on the environment and we can try to account for the environmental benefits it is delivering. Email.

Here’s to building a greener, cleaner region.

Photo published courtesy of Flickr user Gidzy using a Creative Commons Licence.


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