Greater Manchester Green City Region. Creating a greener, greater city region differently

Building a Sustainable Future

By 2020 we need to significantly improve the energy performance of our buildings, in order to make them more affordable to heat and comfortable to be in. 

Through improved energy-efficiency and smarter heating in domestic homes, we can ensure that new buildings meet high performance standards, and by encouraging low-carbon upgrades to public and commercial buildings, we can make a big difference to people’s health, work life and their pockets too.

Greater Manchester is looking at shaping the way we future-proof our homes and public buildings with the following initiatives:

Greater Manchester Spatial Energy Plan

The spatial energy plan for Greater Manchester was commissioned as part of the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) Smart Systems and Heat Programme in 2015 and was undertaken through collaboration between the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Energy Systems Catapult.

The study has consolidated significant data and existing evidence relating to the local energy system to provide a platform for future energy planning in the region and facilitate the development of suitable policies within the emerging spatial planning framework for Greater Manchester.

Green Deal Communities

Launched in 2014, GMCA’s Green Deal Communities programme has helped around 1,300 Greater Manchester homeowners and private tenants, predominantly from low-income households, to insulate their homes through external wall insulation, and benefit from energy efficiency savings. This was the largest national domestic energy efficiency retrofit scheme in the private sector providing external wall insulation.

The scheme was the first to complete and deliver all installations within the Government's deadline. Original Government funding was bolstered by additional funds of: £1.2M total customer contributions; £948,000 of Local Authority contributions and £589,100 of energy company obligation funds, making the net worth of this project £8.8M. 

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Greater Manchester Local Energy Advice Programme (LEAP)

FACT: 11% of residents in Greater Manchester are ‘fuel poor’ and over 37% of carbon emissions come from energy inefficient homes in the region. Space heating and hot water accounts for 77% of domestic energy demand.

GMCA is addressing these issues by supporting a free energy efficiency and income maximisation advice service which will enable access to energy efficiency measures, particularly targeted towards vulnerable, fuel poor residents. 

The OFGEM funded ‘Local Energy Advice Programme’ is currently being piloted by Tameside Council and is proving to be successful (they have received over 115 referrals to the programme since May 2017).

GMCA will be rolling this programme out across all 10 Local Authorities in Greater Manchester during summer 2017 for 12 months, with the possibility of further extension.
Greater Manchester LAs that already have a fuel poverty scheme welcome LEAP, as it can be used to supplement their existing offer to assist more residents.

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