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Our resilience and adaptation to climate change

Summary of the challenges and opportunities

We are already experiencing impacts from a rapidly changing and increasingly extreme climate. These impacts are projected to increase over time and risk holding back our efforts to deliver our wider ambitions. Resilience is therefore about how our city region can meet its ambitions whilst ensuring it is safe and secure, is addressing its key vulnerabilities and can meet expected or unexpected disruptive challenges. These efforts and investments need to be underpinned by robust action on climate adaptation to protect the most vulnerable communities (who are often the most exposed and least able to deal with climate change impacts), our economy, key infrastructure and our natural environment.


Priority 1: Embedding climate change resilience and adaptation in all policies

Priority 2: Increasing the resilience of and investment in our critical infrastructure

Priority 3: Implementing a prioritised programme of nature-based climate adaptation action

Priority 4: Improving monitoring and reporting



  • Check if you are at risk of flooding and sign up for flood warnings.
  • If in a flood risk area, make your home more resilient.
  • Check if you have the right level of insurance.
  • In extremely hot weather, look after yourself and neighbours/more vulnerable.
  • Use water efficiently and install a water meter.

Other key partners

  • United Utilities – deliver £100-250m of additional investment for long-term resilience projects (2015-2020) and manage drought (as per 2018 Drought Plan).
  • Other infrastructure providers – support the development of the Resilience Strategy
  • Environment Agency – manage government investment of £46m by 2021, protecting over 1,300 properties.

Businesses and other organisations

  • Check if you are at risk of flooding and sign up for flood warnings.
  • If in a flood risk area, make your premises more resilient and link up with neighbouring properties.
  • Check if you have the right level of insurance.
  • Put in place green roofs and/or green walls and/or plant trees.
  • Use water efficiently and install a water meter.

What we need from government policy

  •  Continued and increased funding to support the flood and coastal risk management programme

Local policy

  • Develop a Resilience Strategy, with a roadmap published in 2019.
  • Undertake a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment to ensure future growth aspirations consider flood risk.
  • Implement proposals to manage flood risk and the water environment in new development.
  • Develop an Infrastructure Strategy to address our key infrastructure challenges relating to flood risk and resilience.
  • Development by 2021 an investment strategy for future flood risk infrastructure.
  • Subject to formal approval, GMCA establish a programme of innovative funding mechanisms to deliver increased investment in nature-based adaptation solutions (INGITION).
  • Consider the development of appropriate indicators to monitor and evaluate how prepared we are for the future impacts of climate change.
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