We all need to play our part to achieve an urgent and significant reduction in carbon emissions. As a business there’s lots of actions you can take to become greener. Not only will you be helping to protect the environment by reducing your carbon emissions, but you could reduce your running cots too.

Five year plan for businesses

As a business in Greater Manchester your actions can make a big difference. By making a few small changes to become greener you will be helping to create a clean, carbon neutral, climate resilient city-region with a thriving natural environment and circular, zero-waste economy.

Take a look at how your business can help.

50% of all journeys to be made by bike, foot or using public transport by 2040,
To plant 3 million trees in Greater Manchester by 2035
Restore 50-75% of our peatland
100%. BY 2035 all cars to have zero emissions.
550 onshore wind turbines to be installed by 2050.
100% of all buses to have zero emissions by 2035.
By 2025, 10% reduction in heating and cooling demand from existing commercial and public buildings
38% reduction in industrial emission by 2025
Achieve a recycling rate of 65% by 2035.
Business and commercial premises to have a total of 5.5 square kilometres of solar panels on rooftops or in ground-mounted installations. That’s the size of 770 football pitches.
A 4.5 times increase in current biomass energy delivering around 4 terawatt hours per year. That’s enough energy to power 100 LED bulbs for 1 million years.
60% of homes and business using low carbon heating like heat pumps and solar energy.

Journey to Net Zero

Get the help you need to cut the carbon footprint of your business. Making it cleaner, greener and more profitable. Journey to Net Zero is a fully funded online programme exclusively for small to medium sized businesses in Greater Manchester that are at an early stage on the path to net zero emissions.

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