Reduce your plastic waste

Small changes make a big difference. Take a look at some simple changes you could make to reduce plastic waste in Greater Manchester.

Use less and choose to re-use and re-home

Could you swap to a re-usable cup and help to stop the millions of single use coffee cups or water bottles that are thrown away everyday in the UK?

Man pouring hops
Save your food from the bin

Keeping food out of the bin is not only better for the planet but it’s better for your pocket too. How you can help….

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Cut your energy, waste and water consumption

It’ll reduce your carbon footprint and you can make savings too.

People laughing sat at table
Create an environmentally aware workforce

You staff will feel more involved in your business and you can achieve some quick and easy cost savings.

Cooking vegetables in large pan
Support a local food project

Could you provide cooking demonstrations or run a cooking club? You’ll be helping to tackle food waste and more.

Blue recycling bin
Let’s get recycling right

We throw away all sorts of items from our homes every day. There are lots of things that are thrown in the bin that can actually be recycled…

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