Let’s Go Zero, a national campaign helping schools get to net zero, is launching an exciting climate action event from 7th June to 5th July called the Climate Action Countdown.  The campaign includes free webinars and a calendar of 29 daily challenges linked to sustainability helping to focus and kick-start action.     

Let’s Go Zero, is a national campaign uniting teachers, pupils, parents and their schools as they all work together to be zero carbon by 2030. 

The Climate Action Countdown is Let’s Go Zero’s annual climate action challenge.  Every day from 7th June to 5th July, Let’s Go Zero will help schools around the UK take on a different activity linked to sustainability. That’s 29 days of fun, inclusive, inspiring action.

The Climate Action Countdown will be a celebration of everything schools in your area are doing to tackle climate change and go zero carbon.  

Everyone welcome!

You can take part as a whole school, or do the activities as a class, eco-club, or individual student. Kitchen teams, caretakers and other staff can also help their school get involved. And we’d love homeschoolers to join us too.

Even you don’t attend or work at a school, please let your family, neighbours or wider community know about this great opportunity. There are plenty of brilliant, free and fun resources to help them join in.

How to take part

Your daily activity can be anything you like – but to make things easier, Let’s Go Zero have made a Climate Action Calendar with fun and easy-to-do challenges to try out. They range from holding a uniform swap shop to planting a butterfly bush, serving up a meat-free Monday and taking part in our Great Big Climate Quiz.

And if there’s a challenge you like the look of but can’t do that day, you can always take part later in a way that suits you. Consider the calendar your own pick and mix pack of fun climate actions.  Remember, small actions add up to one big difference. 

Free Webinars!

Listed below are some brilliant webinars hosted by Let’s Go Zero partners. Please help to share the webinars within your school community:

Theme: Act Local, Think Global! What Can Your School Do?

Date: Thursday 21 March 2024, 3:45 – 4:30pm

Register here

Theme: Building a Sustainable World: Embedding Sustainability into the Primary Curriculum

Date: Thursday 25 April 2024, 3:45 – 4:30pm

Register here

Theme: Let’s Go Zero spotlight on National Education Nature Park

Date: Wednesday 8 May 2024, 3:45 – 4:30pm

Register here

Theme: Surfers Against Sewage and Positive Pupil Power!

Date: Tuesday 21 May 2024, 3:45 – 4:30pm

Register here

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