DATE & TIME: Tuesday 18 April 2023 – 12:00-12:45

Renewable energy and on-site power generation are attractive solutions for businesses looking to mitigate rising energy costs. Solar has seen a particular boom in the past year, with Google searches reaching their highest ever level.

This webinar brings together experts from the industry to help you to better understand solar energy technology, giving an overview of what’s involved in the process of procuring and installing for commercial use and exploring the impact to your business in terms of resource and cost.

Our panel will answer your questions about the installation process, the return on investment and buyback period you can expect, whilst considering additional gains that can be made by integrating solar with other green solutions that enhance its impact in decarbonising your business and saving you money.

Chaired by Katherine Burden, Business Development Lead at Green Economy this session will include panellists from:

  • KAST Renewable Energies – green technologies installation firm specialising in commercial solar projects
  • The Pilot Group – energy management system providers with expertise in enhancing solar solutions
  • Enspec Power – electrical engineering experts in renewable installations

Who should attend

  • Business owners or leaders looking to save money
  • In-house energy managers

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