Green Summit 2023

Greater Manchester’s Green Summit 2023 was held at The Lowry Theatre, Salford Quays on Monday 2nd October, hosted by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham. It saw delegates meet and network with others determined to drive change and help the city-region meet its ambitious goals for the environment, with panels, workshops networking and exhibition stands showcasing challenges, solutions and opportunities.

You can rewatch the full main plenary below:

Green Summit 2023 live stream

Our workshops

In addition to the main plenary sessions, the event saw us host several workshops, bringing together partners to dive into a wide range of key topics, challenges and opportunities:

Bee Net Zero: How to accelerate and profit from your business’s transition to Net Zero

Hosted by the Bee Net Zero campaign, the aim of the workshop was to discuss how we can get businesses in Greater Manchester to decarbonise quicker than they are currently.  Feedback was also requested to identify the main barriers and how we can overcome them.

No PowerPoint presentation is available for this workshop.  


Solutions for stuff – Waste prevention and sustainable procurement for the public sector

Hosted by Suez and Eunomia, the aim of the workshop was to encourage and support local authorities and public sector organisations to deliver practical solutions to developing a more circular, resource efficient approach in their organisation, going beyond recycling and including effective behavioural change programmes, collaborative working and how to use public procurement to deliver waste prevention and a net zero circular economy.

PowerPoint presentation available on request.


Our future green workforce

This workshop, hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University, featured thought leaders, business and recent graduates from the region who are already one step ahead in re-imagining and delivering our future green workforce. The session explored how traditional versus innovative routes into education impact the skills needed for a greener future; how we fuel the talent for a hydrogen economy; and what’s really possible for a more sustainable world.

PowerPoint presentation available on request.


Greater Manchester’s Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Hosted by GMCA Natural Environment Team, this workshop asked attendees to think about the many opportunities for nature recovery across Greater Manchester. The session delivered ‘big pitches of opportunities’ for nature recovery rather than detailed understanding of the forthcoming nature recovery strategy or project specific case studies. Participants were asked to vote for each idea via live voting.

PowerPoint presentation available on request.


Embracing the Bee Network – Peer advice on sustainable travel

The session, delivered by Transport for Greater Manchester, focused on how we can empower residents, employees and businesses to take action to embrace the change and use viable and low or zero emission travel alternatives to the car.

PowerPoint presentation available on request.


Walkshop: Greener, Fairer Spaces and Places

Hosted by GM Moving, this ‘Walkshop’ took place on the move around Media City. Whilst covering 2 miles, the guided walk explored the urban environment through the lens of a greener, fairer Greater Manchester and how we can all play our role to shape our  environment to better adapt to and mitigate against the climate crisis and to promote Good and Active Lives for All.

No presentation was used, however find out more about GM Moving and their work: Home | Greater Manchester Moving (

The Long Table:  What does climate change mean to you?

Hosted by the GM Ageing Hub and Rochdale Council, this session was an opportunity to experience a participatory method for public dialogue to support shifting thinking, mediating tension, and making space for the voices less easily heard.  The free-flowing intergenerational ‘dinner party’ was rich in conversation on climate change and encouraged the sharing of personal hopes, fears and experiences on climate change.

No PowerPoint presentation available.


It’s electrifying! Decarbonising transport, one journey at a time

Hosted by Auto Trader, this session looked at how we can improve transport choices for businesses, their employees and Greater Manchester as a whole. The session helped attendees understand how to centre environmentally friendly vehicle and journey choices central to decarbonisation plans.

PowerPoint presentation available on request.


Integrated Water Management, How to Play the Game!

Hosted by GMCA, Environment Agency and United Utilities, this session provided an introduction to Greater Manchester’s trailblazing Integrated Water Management Plan – this interactive activity helped to bring the newly launched Integrated Water Management planning to life. The session covered the challenges and benefits of this approach, breaking down silos between organisations to achieve climate resilience, nature recovery, flood management, environmental enhancement and making more liveable places for our communities.

PowerPoint presentation available on request.


Investing in Greater Manchester’s Natural Environment

Hosted by the Greater Manchester Environment Fund, this session introduced the many ways that the Greater Manchester Environment Fund is helping nature recover, and how businesses and other investors can play a part to help finance nature-based solutions.  The session also provided information on how businesses and individuals can get involved.

PowerPoint presentation available on request.


Low Carbon Just a Minute

Hosted by various members of the GMCA Low Carbon Challenge Group, this session provided an update on how regional businesses are helping to deliver decarbonisation to meet the 2038 carbon neutral target.

No PowerPoint presentation available.  


Young Voices: On Food Waste and Hidden Hunger

Hosted by Youth Focus North West, and featuring the voices of young people from the region, this session covered issues related to food waste Issues, hidden hunger and its effect on our planet and people. It provided practical solutions to everyday issues to resolve life altering problems and reduce our household food waste and how making small changes at home can help to move towards a more sustainable, affordable and circular food economy.

PowerPoint presentation available on request.

Our sponsors

A big thank you to all our sponsors for helping make the Greater Manchester Green Summit possible.

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