You mention all buildings are to be bettered by a minimum of 2 EPC grades. How will this be paid for in the Private housing sector and will Electricity p/kWh be reduced more in line with Gas p/kWh rates?

Technologies such as heat pumps help close this gap.  Introduction of carbon pricing to balance the gas vs electricity price difference.
Green mortgages.  Lobby to shift ‘green tariffs’ onto gas.  Govt. grant for lower income households Ofgem could bring in incremental energy tariffs so the more electricity you use the higher the marginal cost Equity loan products from LA / low interest loans from LA – tied back to PAS2035 to make sure stuff is fit for purpose.

Instead of building new, why aren’t we converting empty properties into living spaces, in the light of Coronavirus19 many offices are /will become redundant for their original use. Surely it would make environmental sense to do this rather than pore concreate over green or brownfield sites.

This would require work with planning, a change of use will be required in order to get the buildings converted into suitable habitation.
We need govt to change the VAT rules so new build and retrofit are on the same footing.

What advice do you have for people renting with regards to retrofitting and general energy reduction? Are there schemes to help landowners invest in retrofitting etc?

Tenants can look into energy savings trust/local cooperatives. Green Homes Grant can be used by landlords, tenants could highlight this to landlords.  Sustainability consultants cover this need.  Also, the Passive House Trust and AECB offer more general advice.
A more coordinated approach to highlighting retrofit opportunities / support by the public sector is needed.  Greater Manchester looking at developing Good Landlord Scheme.

How can I find out what insulation my home already has or what measures I might consider through the Green Homes Grant?

GHG website has an online questionnaire.  Certain contractors will undertake the assessment and top up for free as part of providing an improved updated EPV.  Carbon Co-op have written a homeowner briefing piece with our view survey is the only sure way of understanding what existing measures in in place.  Any future measures applied to a property will need this key information at design stage. Architectural surveys often miss this critical information, homeowners must ask specifically for this to be incorporated.  RICS Level 3 surveys may provide indication of insulation amounts, type and condition of installation.

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