Thanks to Bake Your Lawn’s crowdfunders, the Real Bread Campaign has very limited copies of the Grow-a-loaf guidebook to donate to schools, charities, CICs and other community not-for-profits.

About the book

Published in time for spring wheat planting by the food and faming charity Sustain, Bake Your Lawn includes guidance on micro-scale sowing, growing, harvesting, threshing, winnowing, milling and Real Bread making.

The Campaign created this book to help teachers, (grand)parents, guardians, school cooks and gardeners, community group/project leaders and other youngster-wranglers to guide them in hands-on, soil-to-slice adventures. Starting with 30g of wheat seeds or less and a square metre of earth, together they’ll discover how Real Bread starts in a field, not a factory.

The book’s Lessons In Loaf section includes suggestions for using bread as a topic across a range of curriculum subjects.

Who’s this for?

This offer is open to primary schools, charities, CICs and other not-for-profit community groups/projects that work with children in the UK.

The condition of this offer is the organisation agreeing to send regular updates and photos of their growing, harvesting and bread making for the Campaign to publish and share.

Before applying, the organisation should consider it will need to:

  • Have access to at least a square metre of land.
  • Care for, and then harvest, the crop, which might include activity during school holidays.

Interested organisations have until Monday 22 April 2024 to complete and return a short application form, which is available from

Applicants will be told whether or not they have been successful by the end of that week.

Buying the book People who want to buy Bake Your Lawn for themselves, or to pass on to someone who works with (or has) children, can do so from the Real Bread Campaign website

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