About the campaign

Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Powering Our Schools campaign is helping schools add solar PV to their buildings, in turn helping the city-region’s push to be carbon neutral by 2038.

Central to the campaign is a collective purchase scheme, which is open to local authority-maintained schools, academies and voluntary-controlled schools in Greater Manchester. The scheme will help ensure competitive pricing through bulk purchasing of solar panels, centralised support from GMCA and high quality installation from local suppliers.

We have also published various resources on our campaign page to support awareness and understanding of the environmental and financial benefits of solar PV to schools, including a solar calculator tool, local case studies, myth busting and current funding mechanisms.

Progress to date

Since Autumn 2023, we have engaged with over 100 schools and hosted multiple webinars across various school types and local authorities. We are now expecting to bring between 30 and 40 schools across six of Greater Manchester’s local authority areas into the collective purchase in September 2024.

We have also appointed property consultancy Barker Associates to help accelerate the project towards achieving carbon savings and lowering schools’ energy bills from early 2025. Drawing on their expertise in delivering over 190 schools solar PV projects, we have begun collaborating with them to locate effective routes to market, unlock effective funding mechanisms and ensure consistent technical and regulatory scrutiny of PV system designs and installation.

GM school interested in solar? Get involved!

We will be re-launching the collective purchase engagement period in late August, offering Greater Manchester schools not involved in this first tranche an opportunity to express their interest.

To learn more about the Powering Our Schools campaign, please see our website: Powering Our Schools – GM Green City.

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