The Energy Innovation Agency is rapidly growing its base of innovators and solutions to help speed-up the reduction of carbon emissions across Greater Manchester. Many solutions are suitable for public buildings such as hospitals, schools, offices and social housing.

On 28th November in collaboration with GMCA, we held an energy innovator pitch session for Greater Manchester’s public sector. Forty stakeholders from local government, social housing and the NHS heard from ten of our innovators, all aimed at delivering solutions to provide warmer homes and buildings, and to make the region’s energy use smarter, greener and more efficient.

These solutions included:

  • Smart ventilation bricks for homes that control moisture levels and heat loss
  • Digital building twins which allow energy inefficiencies to be identified and controlled
  • AI-driven smart sockets which recognise devices and can switch off those on standby or not in use
  • Solutions that improve the efficiency of boilers, heat pumps, radiators and water pumps, such as:
    • Portable battery storage to power off grid events and construction
    • High density solar that provide heat and electricity
    • A device that allows a single solar PV system to be split fairly between apartments
    • Smart energy monitoring systems that recommends energy efficiency upgrades for buildings

This was just one in a series of sessions which demonstrates how the Agency is bridging the energy innovation gap, helping to accelerate and transform Greater Manchester’s energy systems making them cleaner, greener, and more sustainable, lowering carbon emissions and making energy more accessible to communities, businesses, organisations, and industry across the region.

A representative from Southway Housing commented that the session was “well worth the time with some very interesting products, and they would definitely attend further events.”

It was great to receive such positive feedback from the innovators who took part in the session.

“This was a very well put together event that offered a fantastic chance to present our product to a very well-tailored audience. Thanks to Daniel and the team for inviting us.” Michael Deluce, AirEx

“It was great to be part of such an engaging event with a clear focus on decarbonisation and reaching Net Zero. There are some brilliant innovators in this space and it’s great to hear about new technologies coming through. It’s an exciting time to be working alongside the incredibly passionate team at the Energy Innovation Agency to help tackle climate change.” Laura Boucher, Grid Edge

“Online sessions like this are a really powerful tool for innovative cleantech providers to engage with many regional decision-makers who are looking for solutions to help them achieve net zero.” Adam Wright, Measurable Energy

Sarah Holland, Programmes and Policy Lead for Energy at GMCA, would also like to encourage other innovators and investors to come forward and contact the agency and be part of the region’s decarbonisation plans.

“The Energy Innovation Agency and its innovators play an essential part in delivering our carbon reduction ambitions, and events like these form an important part of generating awareness and building relationships.”

The Agency is planning an in-depth follow up event in the new year. If you are an innovator with an energy solution that can help Greater Manchester decarbonise, or a GM organisation with an energy challenge, please get in touch via our LinkedIn page to discuss how we could support your venture or our website contact page.  Please also visit the Energy Innovation Agency website for further information on our work and innovators.

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