Urban nature-based solutions like green walls and roofs, sustainable drainage systems and street trees have the potential to provide around 30% of the adaptation needed to protect our towns and cities from increased rainfall, flooding and heatwaves by 2030. They can also increase property value, provide insulation, improve air quality, capture carbon, enhance health and well-being and help create healthy, vibrant, active green towns and cities.

Backed by €4.5 million from the EU’s Urban Innovation Actions initiative, the IGNITION project compiled evidence, developed business cases and ran pilots to provide a robust case for how, why and where this needs to be done in Greater Manchester, alongside insight into how our approach could be applied elsewhere. This website provides you with the insight and tools to help justify and implement nature-based solutions across your projects, buildings and land.

A look back at our project dissemination event

Who are our partners?

The IGNITION project was backed by €4.5 million from the EU’s Urban Innovation Actions (UIA) initiative and saw 12 partners, from local authorities, academia, NGOs and businesses, working together to build an understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding greening our urban environments and engaging vital stakeholders to drive action.

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