Flourish is an exciting new small business

…that offers customers a range of cleaning and lifestyle products. The nomadic new venture pops up at locations all over Greater Manchester.

The products on offer

…are free from single-use plastics, and the business was created in response to owner Nikki’s frustration at how difficult it can be to find plastic free products in the city.

After living in the US where buying plastic free staples like flour, lentils and rice in “hoppers” (giant containers from which customers serve themselves using their own container or bag) was easily done at some Grocery Stores, she couldn’t believe this wasn’t possible in a large, thriving city like Manchester. So she decided it was time for change!

Nikki says the business, ‘is growing organically, based on customer needs. So far the response has been very inspiring and customers are travelling to locations where we pop up in order to refill’.

With plans for a permanent location in 2019, it’s an opportunity to expand the product range and also start selling food items.

Flourish goes one step further

…in tackling waste as they also accept hard to recycle items such as cracker wrappers, baby food pouches, beauty wipe packets and shampoo lids to name a few.

These are sent to Terracycle, a company who can recycle these items, and the whole process raises money for Emmeline’s pantry, a foodbank for women in need. Items are accepted at all times and can be donated by getting in touch with the team via their Facebook page. ‘Greater Manchester has some of the most polluted rivers in the world, the issue of waste is in our back garden so we must act. Responsibly recycling these items and generating cash too, not only supports a fantastic charity, but diverts lots of waste from landfill’ says Nikki.

Flourish’s active online community serves as a way to inspire and support people to ditch single-use plastic. For Nikki, Flourish is more than a shop, it is a movement to support Manchester to become single-use plastic free.

Plastic Free GM

Greater Manchester has launched the first city-region wide plan to drive down avoidable single-use plastics!

PlasticFreeGM asks businesses, organisations and individuals to pledge to take action to reduce avoidable single use plastics across Greater Manchester. PlasticFreeGM works with campaigning partners to provide information and advice to guide more sustainable choices. A number of sector specific campaigns are taking off to offer relevant support and information on reducing single use plastics.

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