Creating a more sustainable future

We are on a mission to help schools and the wider community to be more sustainable by promoting refill and refuse. Our Eco Refill pilot teaches pupils how to set up and operate a shop selling refills of household products such as body wash and hand wash. The shops open once a month and everyone from staff, pupils, parents and the wider community are encouraged to bring their own containers to refill.

Ten schools across Greater Manchester are currently piloting Eco Refill Shops. The aim is to give young people the skills and tools to play a part in tackling the climate emergency and be part of the UK’s low-carbon circular economy.  The school shops also support learning workplace skills, building good habits and taking responsibility for the success of the shop.

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Taking action together

Schools provide a significant opportunity to contribute to zero carbon ambitions. We can offer support and guidance to help you to reduce your school’s carbon emissions, develop green sector skills, raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire community action.

Take a look at the support on offer, from doing more within the classroom, tackling the fabric and the outside of school buildings and guiding young people into the green work sector after high school.

Let’s make a big difference today, tomorrow and together.

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