Reducing the environmental impact of textile waste

The Greater Manchester Sustainable Textiles and Fashion Group is dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of current textile and fashion consumption. The Group consists of stakeholders from the Greater Manchester and Northwest region covering all areas within the industry, including manufacturing, retailers, reprocessing and waste management sectors.

It forms part of the REDUCES regional action plan for Greater Manchester to support the transition to a circular economy through activities related to Greater Manchester’s Sustainable, Consumption and Production (SCP) Plan.

Why tackle textile waste?

The fashion industry continues to grow rapidly, causing significant environmental impacts.

• Sector with 4th biggest environmental impact in UK
• Huge carbon impacts
• Global production and spending on clothing rapidly rising
• 80% of impact is linked to production
• Re-using garments reduces consumption by 60%.

Taking action

The Greater Manchester Sustainable Textiles and Fashion Group will explore and drive circular solutions for the region’s textile waste problem and help to create positive change.

Initial actions include:

• Mapping of textile flows in the region to understand the flows in and out of the city region, identifying where there may be barriers or losses in the system and where intervention may be required to overcome these.
• Undertaking a textile waste composition analysis to give an understanding of the types and quantities of textile materials that are still being disposed of in the household residual bin.
• Evaluating prevention and re-use models and promoting these as a priority to align with the waste hierarchy.

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