Working with pubs, bars, restaurants and other businesses using disposable food items

Founded by a family of ocean lovers who were horrified to learn that by 2050 there would be more plastic in the oceans than fish…

…they help the businesses to transition to sustainable alternatives and become pledged Ocean Heroes.

So far, 106 businesses in the North West (from breweries to churches) have taken the pledge saving large quantities of unnecessary plastic from reaching landfill or our oceans.

SeaStraw Co-Founder Doug Robertson says he is ‘delighted at the response so far. SeaStraw volunteers have reached out to many businesses and we will continue to do so to help them transition to better alternatives’. Businesses taking the Ocean Hero pledge receive discounts on compostable products, promotion on social media and advice on saving money whilst going green.

Individuals and businesses are often confused by product labelling, leaving them frustrated and unsure what to use. SeaStraw has a wealth of information, tips and explanations to help make the transition easy!

Plastic Free GM

Greater Manchester has launched the first city-region wide plan to drive down avoidable single-use plastics!

PlasticFreeGM asks businesses, organisations and individuals to pledge to take action to reduce avoidable single use plastics across Greater Manchester. PlasticFreeGM works with campaigning partners to provide information and advice to guide more sustainable choices. A number of sector specific campaigns are taking off to offer relevant support and information on reducing single use plastics.

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