There are lots of simple, straightforward actions you can take that won’t cost you anything and will start saving you money straight away.

  • Check heating control times and settings (don’t over-heat).
  • Don’t obstruct radiators. Don’t leave windows & doors open in heated (or cooled) rooms.
  • Upgrade to more efficient heating.
  • Draught-proof windows and doors. Insulate your roof to reduce heat loss.
  • Consider rapid roller shutter doors or warehouse door curtains.
  • Install double glazing

Bee Net Zero

For more help and advice on the things your business can do to reach net zero visit the Bee Net Zero site today.

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The Business Growth Hub can help your business boost its profitability by improving its resource efficiency, no matter what sector you’re in. Their award-winning fully-funded resource efficiency support is tailored to your needs and is designed to make significant efficiency savings that deliver an ongoing financial benefit to your business.
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