Burn Better GM: Reduce the harm and pollution from burning solid fuels

With the temperature starting to drop, people in Greater Manchester with log burners and stoves are being urged to take steps to reduce the harm and pollution from burning solid fuels.

Top tips for consumers: Buying green heating and insulation products

Top tips for consumers looking to buy low carbon ‘green’ heating and insulation products, from the Competition & Markets Authority

Terraced houses
Upgrade your home in a greener and more affordable way

Find out more about Your Home, Better, a new service providing advice on how you can make your home greener.

Change the way you light and heat your home

You could save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint too.

Green living wall on modern building
Commit to reducing your energy demand for heating and cooling

Sign the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment today!

Smart meter heating control
Cut the cost of your heating bills

Improve how you insulate and draught-proof your home

Twilight image of Manchester City Centre
Cut your energy, waste and water consumption

It’ll reduce your carbon footprint and you can make savings too.

Large ventilation pipes in roof space
Get smarter with how you heat your premises

There are lots of simple, straightforward actions you can take that won’t cost you anything and will start saving you money straight away

Lightbulbs hanging from ceiling
Upgrade your lighting and equipment

It’ll cut your energy bills and reduce your environmental impact.

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