By introducing more locally grown fruit and veg into your diet you’re not only helping the planet but you’ll feel better too. Shopping local means you’ll be supporting small, independent shops where you live. So instead of buying from a big supermarket chain you’ll be buying from local farmers and traders instead.

There are lots of places in Greater Manchester to buy local. Here are some to get you started……..

Shopping local

Radcliffe Market

Radcliffe Market is a community owned and run market hall.  Their aim is to bring you fresh and local food, ethical products, local services that you cannot find in any other place in and around Radcliffe and North Manchester.

Village Greens

Village Greens is an organic supermarket creating a lot of buzz in Prestwich. They offer a wide variety of delectable locally sourced and organic ingredients for people in the Prestwich area. Village Greens  is changing the way we shop.

Unicorn Grocery

Unicorn was established  by a small group of people committed to social change, who had a vision for the kind of place they wanted to shop in themselves. A place where a really wide range of wholesome, tasty food, sourced with care, would be sold at affordable prices.

The Organic Food Store

The Organic Food Store sell seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round. No fancy packaging, just honest food. You can order online or visit their shop in Romily.


Get gardening and grow your own food

Whether you go it alone or help out at a community garden, there’s lots of ways to get involved. You could even try making your own compost from your food and garden waste.

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What’s in season

There are lots of great websites available that will help you to see what is in season throughout the year.

Here are a few:

NHS Better Health

Healthy changes start with little changes. Better Health is here with lots of free tools and support.

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Bite Back

The Feed Britain Better report draws on extensive research by a powerful coalition of organisations into the impact of Covid-19 on teen eating habits; the change they want to see; and the solutions they believe pave the way for a healthier future.

Feeding Greater Manchester

Buy, grow, cook and eat. A website full of useful, local, information and resources.

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