Little boy watering plants
Get gardening and grow your own food

Whether you go it alone or help out at a community garden, there’s lots of ways to get involved.

Man pouring hops
Save your food from the bin

Keeping food out of the bin is not only better for the planet but it’s better for your pocket too. How you can help….

Cooking vegetables in large pan
Support a local food project

Could you provide cooking demonstrations or run a cooking club? You’ll be helping to tackle food waste and more.

Picking fresh vegetables
Can you provide funding or free spaces for food clubs?

Social investment could be used to support new enterprises such as the Good Food Bag.

Picking apples from trees
Become a Food For Life School

The Food For Life school programme can help your school to provide healthy, fresh and sustainably sourced food…

Raised bedding in garden
Create a school garden

Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs is a great way for children to learn about the food they eat. You could even encourage children to grow food at home and teach them about food labelling.

Fresh vegetables on sale
Make changes to the way you shop

By introducing more locally grown fruit and veg into your diet you’ll not only be helping the planet but you’ll feel better too.

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