Change the way you light and heat your home

You could save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint too.

Smart meter heating control
Cut the cost of your heating bills

Improve how you insulate and draught-proof your home

Charging point on electric car
Change your car to electric

It could make sense financially as well as environmentally.

Let’s go for a walk or ride a bike!

Have fun, get fitter and discover some amazing places. It’ll make you feel good too!

Manchester waterway
Support a local nature project

and help to improve Greater Manchester’s amazing spaces.

Bee within white flower
Make your garden, balcony or back yard a nature and climate friendly space

If everyone does one thing for nature, we can make a real difference and you’ll feel happier and healthier too.

People planting flowers
Volunteer in a nature project near you

It’s good for your health, it’s fun and you can get the whole family involved too.

Blue recycling bin
Let’s get recycling right

We throw away all sorts of items from our homes every day. There are lots of things that are thrown in the bin that can actually be recycled…

Little boy watering plants
Get gardening and grow your own food

Whether you go it alone or help out at a community garden, there’s lots of ways to get involved.

Fresh vegetables on sale
Make changes to the way you shop

By introducing more locally grown fruit and veg into your diet you’ll not only be helping the planet but you’ll feel better too.

Use less and choose to re-use and re-home

Could you swap to a re-usable cup and help to stop the millions of single use coffee cups or water bottles that are thrown away everyday in the UK?

Reduce your car journeys and switch to walking, cycling or public transport

It reduces air pollution, it’s better for our environment and helps to make our streets greener and safer for our children.

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